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Ceaucescu was better president than some other present ones?!


At first, some news about these proving the given thema:

The (earlier executed) ex-president Nicolae Ceausescu and his company/party today would have two-thirds majority in an election, an IRES survey shows

(On the following link, this article has been written in Hungarian)



So it is a surprising result of an hypothetical election by a survey in recent Romania! Besides, it is a good answer for my question in this recent blog-post-title.

And a tragic meaning of reality of our situation with these present leaders! As it in the New York Times has been written in a most recent news by Orban’s words and the likely future of Hungary afterall:


“Hungary is unlikely to change course. As Mr. Orban put it after the election, “We received a clear and unquestionable mandate to continue what we started.

Hungary’s Central Bank Seizes Bold Strategies



And here is another news about pope Francis’ apologise (because I earlier posted here some other news about his pedofil-saver talks):


“Pope apologizes for priests’ sex abuse, promises strong response”

, by D. Gibson, http://ncronline.org/

In his strongest personal remarks yet on the clergy sex abuse scandal, Pope Francis on Friday asked forgiveness “for the damage” abusive priests have inflicted on children and pledged that the Catholic church “will not take one step backward” in efforts to address the crisis.

“I feel compelled to personally take on all the evil that some priests — quite a few in number, though not compared to the total number — and to ask for forgiveness for the damage they have done by sexually abusing children,” Francis said.”




So once again from the beginning:

“Ceaucescu was better president than some other present ones?!”


For you, this cannot be a question, if you know these facts from the news:


CIA ordered US military doctors to design new torture methods

A report released today has made disturbing allegations that doctors and psychologists working with the US military designed methods for – and became involved in – the systematic torture of terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay.

The Taskforce on Preserving Medical Professionalism in National Security Detention Centers found that, in the decade after 9/11, US military physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists allowed ‘cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment’ of prisoners while acting at the direction of military leaders under both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2486998/CIA-ordered-US-military-doctors-design-new-torture-methods-use-Guantanamo-Bay.html#ixzz2jgoxPd42





What will be the next on this gulag planet after these?

Hollywood made such films as

2012, Battle: Los Angeles, World War Z, White House Down, Hunger Games, Mission: Impossible, and Planet of Apes (N. episode) etc.

They do not seem as good plans for the people, right?

And this is a news about the toxic polonium usage probably against the late Arafat:

Yasser Arafat’s belongings have traces of polonium-210, say Swiss scientists


“symptoms of nausea, vomiting, fatigue, diarrhoea, and anorexia, followed by hepatic and renal failures, might suggest radioactive poisoning.”



– Noam Chomsky was behind lobby to get Stephen Hawking to boycott Israel conference

Friday, May 10, 2013 15:06 EDT

Noam Chomsky was among 20 academics who privately lobbied Professor Stephen Hawking to boycott a major Israeli conference, it has emerged.

Chomsky, a US professor and well-known supporter of the Palestinian cause, joined British academics from the universities of Cambridge, London, Leeds, Southampton, Warwick, Newcastle, York and the Open University to tell Hawking they were “surprised and deeply disappointed” that he had accepted the invitation to speak at next month’s presidential conference in Jerusalem, which will chaired by Shimon Peres and attended by Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.

“The U.S. and Britain finished 20th and 21st overall, respectively, behind Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The British government immediately criticized the report, saying it used old data that did not measure recent improvements in things like teen pregnancies.”

Orbán world’s worst prime minister with highest salary, says Socialist MP

Viktor Orbán is one of the world’s worst prime ministers but still one of the most “expensive” political leaders, as his income is eight times the average and only US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin receive relatively higher salaries, Socialist spokesman Zsolt Török told reporters in Budapest on Thursday.

In response, Fidesz spokeswoman Gabriella Selmeczi noted that Török approved the prime ministerial income as a member of the previous Parliament.

She added that the salary of the National Bank governor is eight times that of the president of the US Federal Reserve.”

A sad and probably true news appeared on October 25th, 2013 about the recent hungarian status. However, the official advertisement said: “Hungary produces better!”

4.5 million people live in poverty line and more than 1.5 million people below the poverty line

said Nandor Gur, vice president of the Hungarian Socialist Party.

– Recently this member of Parlaiment, Zsolt Török who told these about Orban has accused in another case which is probably just an excuse! And Orbán wants to punish him just like an Rasputin-like dictator!

– Almost the Best comment I have ever heard about:

“Should I trust the government?”

Mr. Roger Waters (ex-Pink Floyd):

“No fucking way!”/ “Kurvára nem!”

(Budapest, The Wall-tour, 2013.08.25. Net video source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8GjWmHf7kY)

Needless more comment or censorship at all! That’s all, Matrix!

– Children suffering in the state? It’s worse than Ceaucescu’s system!

“Hungary battles hunger, school children worst hit

Statistics show that Hungary has a poverty rate of 13 percent

A social catastrophe is looming in Hungary. Immediate responsibility for this rests with the right-wing government of Viktor Orban, and the non-indulgence program set by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The gravest problem of poverty is that the children remain hungry and under-nourished because of this, reported World Socialist website.

Mr. Obran came to power in 2010 and had made demagogic promises of social improvement during the 2010 election campaign. But he did not stand on his promises as all politicians do and this has devastating consequences for the most vulnerable sections of Hungarian society. The official statistics, critical media outlets and organizations have been suppressed by a new media law.”

And UNICEF also have reported about Hungary:

The UNICEF report highlights Hungary as a particularly dramatic example of the worsening situation of children, with child poverty now over 20 percent.


And a news about Coca Cola company and its relationship with the hungarian schools:

The Coca-Cola company does not deliver soft drinks with high sugar content to the schools

– Despite of example of ex-pm Ferenc Gyurcsány who resigned after demonstrations followed admitting his lie over tax cuts, Orbán continue ruling with no regret after admitted lying over revolution in the state. This promise has been applied to win election.


Now our country’s currency – the Hungarian Forint – is now worth 70 times less than the Romanian leu! And one of the cheapest currency of the World!

Source: http://www.exchange-rates.org/currentRates/P/HUF

But also, here in Hungary, the oil (fuel) prices are most expansive among the Central European gas stations.

Present hungarian prime minister was selected by a norwegian terrorist as his favourite man!

The Australian Embassy to Hungary allegedly will be closed uniquely among of recent European states and an African will be opened instead.

– He could confuse the reasons of the almost the highest state award, the Kossuth price. So some clones may have received them even more.

-An anti-ad, probably, for helping to continue other (healthy) processes:

“WHO gives Orbán award for curbing smoking

Hungary is number one in the world per capita as regards the number of cancer-related deaths. Over 20,000 die of smoking annually.”

(Worth to mention? The fact in the original artical is in present mode, not in past.)

– Some publicly available studies about the children’s situation in OECD states:

UNICEF study shows child poverty increasing in advanced countries

– Daron Acemoglu, an MIT professor said that in EU Hungary is the only one in which the government controls departments and media those shoud have been control it. (If I translate properly his words which were read in a recent hungarian news on 13.09.2013.) Furthermore, in his book, ‘Why Nations Fails’ he wrote – with his author partner, James A. Robinson – the followings:

“But Botswana today has “the highest per capita income in sub-Saharan Africa” — around the level of such success stories as Hungary and Costa Rica.”

MAN! This can be mean that we, the Hungarians get Botswana’s per capita income in EU, not in sub-Saharan Africa!!! Thanks for the government, if it is true!

– In 2005, John Bates said that strangely the hungarian society let the government do these

– A new website has been started to demonstrate an homage to the victims that were held captive in Hungarian concentration camps between 1945 and 1953.: Very nice 3D pictures are available there about an hungarian gulag, so it is very real!

Allegedly 500 000 people and 4 top sport champions left the country in last 3 years. And one of them complaining for hunger!!!

According to Wikileaks documents about Hungary’s problems (mainly corruptions as far as I know), allegedly it have more than 200 000 pages(!), in 2006 when a little revolution was against the media and state itself, 200 israeli commandos were in Budapest.

– In 2013, died the leader of  Hungarian Media Authority at her 51th years, and a witness came to the public for helping the investigation of happenings of 2006!!!


– “Survey finds corruption widely accepted among Hungarian executives

Corruption is an organic part of business life in the view of a large majority of Hungarian executives, according to a survey by consultancy Ernst & Young.”

– “Forint hits yearly high as National Bank cuts rate to historic low

(Well, the relative really counts for commentings by the newsmakers and statesmen!)

 – Some latest news about hungarian the prime minister and his close partners, and his opponents – 10.01.2013:

Orban's statue was toppled

Orban’s statue was toppled – 09.29.2013

“A statue of Viktor Orban is toppled”

Viktor Orban was hospitalized

(Sorry, some sources of them available only in Hungarian language. You can use translate programs, if it is needed.)

But also Britain and the USA have almost the same problems, according to these pages:

Osborne’s Austerity Making Children’s Prospects In Britain ‘One Of Worst In OECD Nations’, Warns Unicef

Millions more US children in poverty

– U.S., British children worst off in industrialized world

Detroit files for the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history

Thursday, 07.18.2013, 10:01pm

Detroit filed the largest-ever municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history on Thursday, marking a new low for a city that was the cradle of the U.S. automotive industry and setting the stage for a costly court battle with creditors.


One product of new Global economic crisis achieved new world’s history record, in 2009:

More than 1 billion people hungry worldwide in 2009

By Joe Kishore, 20 June 2009

Humanity will achieve the dubious distinction this year of having more than 1 billion members of its species living in hunger for the first time in history.”

– And finally, some information about CIA’s prisions and today’s gulags and torturements and more:




An Google search about “pope pedophile not crime” delivers: “About 1,670,000 results (0.29 seconds)”

Among of them the followings:

South Africa cardinal says pedophilia not a crime

| ABS-CBN Newswww.abs-cbnnews.com/…/south-africa-cardinal-says-pedophilia-not-cri…‎CachedMar 17, 2013 – JOHANNESBURG – A South African cardinal who helped elect Pope Francis this week has told the BBC pedophilia is an illness and not a …

Paedophilia is an illness NOT a crime, says cardinal just days after …www.dailymail.co.uk/…/Paedophilia-illness-NOT-crime-says-cardinal-just-d…

Mar 16, 2013 – A South African cardinal who helped elect Pope Francis has …. Being a paedophile is not a crime, it is an illness which makes people have …Cardinal who helped elect the new Pope: Pedophiles should not be …freakoutnation.com/…/cardinal-who-helped-elect-the-new-pope-pedophiles…

Mar 16, 2013 – One of the cardinals who helped elect Pope Francis has described pedophilia as a psychological illness and not ‘a criminal condition’. He goes …Cardinal Wilfrid Napier says pedophilia is an illness not a crime

digitaljournal.com/article/345811‎CachedMar 16, 2013 – A Catholic cardinal who was part of the conclave that elected Pope Francis … pedophilia as a psychological illness and not a “criminal condition.”

So, the new pope’s helper, cardinal Fox told to the press that the pedophilia as a psychological illness and not a “criminal condition”.

It is not weird only! Nevertheless, it is a crime.

The pope’s new speech: “A Christian cannot be anti-semitic

“Because of our common roots, a true Christian cannot be anti-Semitic,” Francis said on Monday at a meeting with a delegation of the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations (IJCIC).

I think that it is a very interesting news about him again! Relatively he or she can be, if the semites were judist or zionists or fascists more than relatively. So Luther was – not just slight – better and greater Christian than Francis and most of us are, however Luther published some anti-semitic thoughts when he reformed the European, catholic religion, creating the protestant religion itself. But he had read these anti-semitic thoughts from a jewish woman, called Margharita. May be Francis knows only his paedophil and jesuit cardinal, not the more famous monks and priests…


– I have found on the net an (relatively) old british news (first published in 2007) and its comments related to my this post.

According to it:

‘Blair covering up paedophile scandal?’

“In 1999, an international investigation of child pornographers and paedophiles run by Britain’s National Criminal Intelligence Service, code named Operation Ore, resulted in 7,250 suspects being identified in the United Kingdom alone. Some 1850 people were criminally charged in the case and there were 1451 convictions. Almost 500 people were interviewed “under caution” by police, meaning they were suspects. Some 900 individuals remain under investigation. In early 2003, British police began to close in on some top suspects in the Operation Ore investigation, including senior members of Blair’s government.”

“WMR has learned that the Bush administration, like that of Blair, is rife with paedophiles in top positions. The paedophile network also extends to the U.S. defense industry, particularly some of the companies that have been involved in the sexual abuse of minors at overt and covert U.S. prisons in Abu Ghraib, Iraq; Guantanamo, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Thailand, and now, at three prisons in Ethiopia.

Source: Wayne Madsen”

And the source of the news:

‘Blair covering up paedophile scandal?’

– Many stars of western (and jewish?) society are rife with paedophiles. Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Bill Clinton, late Micheal Jackson are/was similary to them. However, these matters are not enough proven before the courts (yet), but the people know them and say about them. These stars can be antichrists, and zionists also against the nations. The new pope can be the same. These not only shames, rather crimes.

– On 1st August, some news shocked the world about World War III from the West. According to them,

British officials drew up a speech for Queen Elizabeth to deliver to the nation in the event of a nuclear war.




  1. proztec says:

    It is weird from the people to pay these statemen and let them make mistakes so much than ownselves!

  2. proztec says:

    “WHO gives Orbán award for curbing smoking

    Hungary is number one in the world per capita as regards the number of cancer-related deaths. Over 20,000 die of smoking annually.”

    (Worth to mention? The fact in the original artical is in present mode, not in past.)”
    was what I wrote, but I mean:

    “WHO gives Orbán award for curbing smoking

    Hungary is number one in the world per capita as regards the number of cancer-related deaths. Over 20,000 die of smoking annually.”

    (Worth to mention? The fact in the original article is present tense, not past.)

  3. proztec says:

    Another bank clark commited suicide, allegedly, in the US, according to news from Bussines Inside. An 28 year-old man jumped from the sixth floor. It was the 12th suicide in this year.
    It can be supposed the reason was the crisis. Besides the gravitation. But why it is a big problem for people it is not known.

  4. proztec says:

    On 22.04.2014 Wiener Zeitung, the Austrian daily online newspaper released a new compairing story between Orban and Ceaucescu stadions, or rather more (?) meaning their regimes. This page available on the following link, this article has been written in German language:

    Wiener Zeitung

    According to this mentioned webpage, only Orban, the recent renewly elected prime minister of Hungary could make a football stadion in his birthplace in Europe, after the Ceaucescu’s regime.

    “Ungarns Premier scheint ebenso wenig Gefühl für das Groteske zu haben wie Rumäniens kommunistischer Diktator Nicolae Ceausescu (1918-1989), der in seinem südrumänischen Heimatdorf Scornicesti ebenfalls eine riesige Fußball-Arena errichten ließ.”

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