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Dear Sir/Madam,

– about the reason –

as You may know, I am an 46-year-old hungarian engineer of Informatics and living in very poor conditions. In 2008, almost at the same time when the world economical crisis declared officially, I lost my computer systemadministrator job from an oilplatform designer company. And from office of the state department of workers could not give another position for years. My car was fired up in 2011 by criminals and stolen – its remained wreckage – too. Most of my necessary and valueable documents such as passport, authentic college degree, etc and my personally used, important things of my life got to be garbage or less in that fire. Some things can be available from the offices for lot of money or noway. So these really reduce even my opportunities on the employments’ market and many other basically relations of life.

– please help me –

So if you can, please write me an email coordinating to get in touch how you can send and I can accept your donation! Thanks in advance for your help!

– probably you will not regret, but if so… –

Please note that your donation will service good aims on Earth – it is sure that I am a real good man as everybody can know -, but later even if you want and I shall afford, your donation will be sent back to you!

– not only the money can help –

I am interested toward in getting work even from the remote market in webbased computer programming. Well, if you can help me in this area with your relationship, please write me an email cooperating about the work, and I – of course, when it will be paid – will send you its shares, if you want.

Finally, I wish the bests for these to you!

Best regards,

Zoltan Szabo
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