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Some people don’t respect him, the King of Kung fu. However, his highness spreading worldwide furthermore…

Grand master Bruce Lee in action (in his films)

Grand master Bruce Lee in action (in his films)

He cannot be dishonoured.  Mad and cheater people like to do these. Those who became jealous his greatness from envyness and moreover wanted his death, too.

He was genious, in the real meaning of the word. It can be supposed, he was it genetically. This is not only clear from his own martial art, the Jeet Kune Do, but also from his unique personal style and basic coordination of his movements. About one of his legendary abilities made a home (or secret) video which became a Nokia mobile advertisement support matter. (I have attached it bellow.)

His son, Brandon Lee was genious and a brilliant fighter, thus proving his father’s greatness, too. 

Their early deaths remain great sadness for all of us. And their legacies are everlasting for all of mankind.