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Some like it hot?! Mind control of CIA 2.0

In some media around here in our world have been shared some sources about new problems from US and other west doctors, saying that they can be catch almost everybody in our world and operate their brains as needed threatment, and implement some electronic interfaces. With these movement the doctors and others can control easily patients’ minds as they want. So the power still stayed in their hands. Not only the children can suffer from these, however their patients can be statemen, politicians or presidents even. Creating almost robots from these patients in even the top power. It is not just a medical threatment, it is a crime agains the Humankind and our living natural planet, too. And who do these operations must sentenced seriously, at once!



I just hope that Mr. Michael Schumacher, the great Formula One pilot have NOT been their patient. However, I was. And many other listen to my thoughts and get programs from the power, even torturings!




Globally organised jude crimes? But making devolution on Humankind and destruction of the Planet Earth?!

Globally organised jude crimes:

zionism, antichristism, pedofilism, “child workers in danger on US tobacco farm”, oppressing Humanrights, nazionalism, colonialism, terrorism, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, CIA, NSA, scientology, illegal medical experiments and torturing, isotop poisoning, AIDS, mind control, brain washing, child cancer and euthanasia, passion plays and festivals, recent Judas betrayings, state corruptions, conspiracy theories and history cheatings, global spying and wire tappings, etc.?

But making Devolution of Humankind and destruction of the our world, just for their entertaining?!

And when is enough saying so and to stop them?


Too many guys develop unusefull cars, for instance, but others cannot do anything good?!? Perheps, Phil Collins sang the same in Genesis song, the “Land of Confusion” in more than 20 years ago:


And that is all. This can be used for the whole Humankind and its children in our world, if these are allowed to them, by elected mad monkies around here. And for any other things available, without regret. Besides antichrists have been laughing as well, at these recent important global problems which lead to crisises or wars.

Reading my posts, it can supposed about me  – by showing understanding and sympathy with Martin Luther, a German monk, Catholic priest, professor of theology and seminal figure of a reform movement in 16th century Christianity, subsequently known as the Protestant Reformation, I want to gather and publish here some of Jewish crimes in recent times by some quotes from recent published news. Well, they continues doing those things, however they have been punished for them many times in history. I think this is important to mind, because these news badly and unfortunatly can be disappaered and/or modified somehow, but these can be forgotten, however these connected to our rights and to other important things on the planet Earth basically!

But it should be admitted, because sources of the news are mostly connected to Israeli and jewish roots,  they becamed frankly honest! So that is way these can be considering strictly relatively to not to hurt the justice relatively either.

Well, let us see now some in a list of news which published to the global internet, so available worldwide:

– US: Child Workers in Danger on Tobacco Farms



– “Yasser Arafat’s belongings have traces of polonium-210, say Swiss scientists” (2013.10.15.)



– “CIA ordered US military doctors to design new torture methods” (2013.11.04.)



– “Belgium: Doctors to Start Telling Children to Kill Themselves



– “Project MK-ULTRA: CIA Mind Control



– Rabbi urges alleged child abuse victim not to tell police – with video



Britain Is No Place for Jews


– Who’s To Blame For George Zimmerman’s Most Recent Violent Assault Charge? Why It’s You His Former Lawyer Says



– London Haredim slam TV exposé on sexual abuse in community

– ROSE, Steven. Jewish British professor backing academic and cultural boycott of Apartheid Israel: “the situation of the Palestinians is worse than that of black South Africans under apartheid”


– Noam Chomsky helped lobby Stephen Hawking to stage Israel boycott


Why the ASA Should Boycott Israeli Academic Institutions


– 24 year prison sentence for ‘abusive rabbi’ Elior Chen



The Holocaust was started by the Judes first, against hell yeah, the World!

At first,

the jude Jesus Christ was suffered to death by his nation’s – mostly not else –  treacheries, and to cover  their crime they started to celebrate his birthday as the most important great day of the nation, the Christmas day with saying that he wanted to die for them, just for entertainment! As Luther and Calvin warned and an Boney M. song told about these as well. And he suffered for three months as far as I know, but these cannot be said about many of us as patients of their clinics in our present age. 

In our recent world the zionist antichrists do the same with more sofisticated equipments such as spying satellites, media showrooms, top budget movie makerings, etc as the british jude media showed to the world its work, „Jesus Christ, the superstar”. So the mad people of our world allowed these mad crimes to continue, and if these mad judes can have opportunities to do crimes they do them again, hell yeah, without regrets! And if it allowed to them they do another crime that is the sweapping the prints. That means, in real, to change history facts or kill some witnesses „with licence”, or something  else!  (Don’t forget to watch the film „Three days of Condor” about CIA crimes maybe closely connected to these, and the new Planet of apes film, „THE REVOLUTION”, if it will be avaiable in summer. Or computer animated film: „Madagascar”. 🙂 )

So the people of the world have been allowing to them these crimes, however accept and making relative justice for humanrights would be enough to stop them as they deserve, punishing  these criminal judes who started the real holocaust against the world! Not the Nazis against them.

At last:

We cannot allow to these mad criminal monkies to make Jesus Christs from us, even to make sexual toys from the children which can be eliminated according to them as cancer patients after playings by their pedofils!

As it showed by own the british media in 2008 in a weired series starring with clones of Elton John, Kathrine Turner and Ken Folett, the main brit jewish stars as Herodes kings of the recent West.

So their Matrix have been terrorizing the people with most powerfull weapons they have. However, the people are – probably many – more than the judes and the people also can kill their leaders as they did in centuries first. Related film from the media mirror: „They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”, starring Fonda, and Sarandon as a clone. However this rule must be valid backward, because the judes started the fire first. It is not logical enough, to not to shoot back down as well as they could eliminate Kennedys, John Lennon, Olof Palme, Saddam Hussein, Abraham Lincoln… as horses(?!?), willing or challenging to undergo their sufferings mostly innocently like a newborn.(According to a recent published book: „Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever”.) But do not America say the rules if it is not clean relatively for that, the people of the world must say what to do, even for America and GB and Israel, too! (Even if USA can not be changed back as mentioned book address says!) Clinton and Bush wanted to kill Saddam, but had no right, and UN – which payed by USA mostly – allowed to them to do. However Saddam had no weapons as it needed by the UN to allow to start the war for the allied powers!

But the mad people do not care this fact, as nor the who caused actually Jesus Christ’s death. They go to the next movie near by them without logic mind to see films about these crimes and then they will be surprised from the news according to them that the end of the world maybe coming, not only the global economic crisis in their lives caused by these mad monkies!

Martin Luther believed earlier and better. (Even if he died earlier!)

I think some of his thoughts are still valid and true today. We are under control and feared from the Power of Jews worldwide. The Matrix can reach everyone with its hate who dare face with it as parasites in a body.

However, everyone can suffer somehow in this world from that, because everyone can be also viewed as its child, a new Jesus Christ. And its antichristic principal has not changed since it had killed the its innocent son. Only the suffering methods has been changed in centuries as the controlled technology evolution.

And Martin Luther already knew and teached clearly who were guilty if innocent Jesus Christ died by violence, so he died basicly from the collective vigilantism.

At this time Luther told his wife:

Martin Luther

“They are teaching me to be rude.”

– http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Luther –

(It might sound like an argue with Princess Amidala from a Star Wars game. Or a part of a Bruce Lee film drawing his philosophy of own life. But “the truth is on the other side…”)


Well, it can be supposed that this shorted his life. Not so far from his death, in some German Lutheran cities were riots against the Jews, because of believing that he did not started the fire.

And this problem has not been solved properly since then!

This will be continued…

Will doctors and CIA kill all of us with their powers and radiant cancer therapies?

If you have known a bit of recent arsenals of doctors and CIA – namely: radioactive isotopes and other cancer chemotherapies – and their programs and rights to kill or just torture people, I think that it is not only paranoia to suppose that their abilities would be enough for the crime against of mankind even if slowly, as mentioned in the title of this post.

Well, probably it is a good time to think again these matters of our lives!

– A hungarian jude chemist, George de Hevesy (György Hevesy) received the 1943 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for “for his work on the use of isotopes as tracers in the study of chemical processes. With this “great” hungarian jude innovation the doctors can suffer not only the cancer patients. This just depends on orders of the power!

– In the hungarian hospital UZSOKI suicided George Kézdy who was suffered and treated of cancer (2013.02.10.)

However, it was a news about an hungarian jude actor’s death, it can be also linked to these mentioned ones, because of these facts:
– He died in the same hospital where many deaths caused national news in the last 3 years, however later the people and the police relaxed from just a managing doctor’s statement.

I also was treated in hospital Uzsoki for x-ray with a suspected hurt of my skull in 2011, before of these national tragic happenings and after I had been beaten by jude-gypsy truculents. As far as I have known this crime also was organised by KOKI, MTA – yes, an Institute of Hungarian Scientific Academy! – brain researchers and programmers, like Gabor Makara, Tamas Freud etc. Just like in the Schwarzenegger film, Total recall. This hungarian (jude) “scientific” research department dare to digest not only huge of national state budgets, but also more expansive EU financial aids to commit crimes like these. My mentioned Uzsoki x-ray images were mixed which could be prove the existance of an brain implantation which has enhanced by an programmabled interface. This equipment was implemented into my head in my 0,5-1,5 years old childhood as part of a new medical and social crimes just like Jesus Christ sufferings. This mentioned interface can be reached from the air by radiations of satelites or antennas. So these mad researchers can reach and stimulate my deep brain and control my life by their mad(ical) (hipnotic) programmes everywhere! However it is known everyone, I need help from witnesses who know more than here explained shortly and dare to witness even before a judge about the detailed facts of my case to stop them and take legal actions against their relative injustices, and even for relative compensation money!

Happiness is a Warm Electrode

SHOCK TRAUMA Diane Hire, shown here in profile and x-ray, is among the first depression patients to receive deep-brain stimulation, a procedure in which two electrodes are implanted in the head.



Can’t resist that doughnut? An electric shock to the brain ‘could stop people from binge eating’

– It is sure, if it is allowed to mad medical people they can stop even our sexualities as well just for entertainings of mad people! Why is it allowed to mad criminal doctors?! They are worse than the feared Mengele was in the WWII, however they are living among of us without any impeachment!

“Electrode implants which zap areas of the brain have mysteriously helped ease the symptoms of crippling diseases such as depression and Parkinson’s. Now brain scans could help predict who exactly might benefit from deep brain stimulation (DBS), based on seeing which interconnected regions of the brain “light up” at the same time, New Scientist reports”

– And an other news according to the hungarian doctors also were ordered to torture – perhaps even to kill – people!
– It is also true that there was many news in some years ago according to Guantanamo prison like places existed in Hungary where people can be suffered and excruciated!
– In the last 3 years died many great hungarian christian leaders and personals such as Imre Makovecz, István Csurka, Károly Vichy, Márta H. Bóna, Mihály Arnold, Jenő Ranschburg, Jenő Fónay and Gyula Horn, and many others who can not be replenished, even after the needed reform processes. About these Orbán said -against his promise – that there were no reforms.
– About the late ex-prime minister Gyula Horn also worth to mention that he wore a metal frame padded with sheep skin or a so called “crown” after had an accident and got a concussion in 1994.

– Red sludge disaster, 2010, Hungary

“Hungary’s largest ecological disaster took place on October 4, 2010 at 1:30 p.m. when the western dam of cassette X of the sludge reservoir, belonging to a privately owned company, Magyar Alumínium ZRt (Hungarian Aluminum Co), had ruptured.”
– Official Website of the Hungarian Government

In April, 2011, the late architect Imre Makovecz visited reconstruction of Devecser and Kolontar. After this national disaster – almost exactly – 1 year, he died.


The Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died from cancer (2013.03.05.)


– “Yasser Arafat’s belongings have traces of polonium-210, say Swiss scientists” (2013.10.15.)


– “CIA ordered US military doctors to design new torture methods” (2013.11.04.)


– “Belgium: Doctors to Start Telling Children to Kill Themselves



– “Project MK-ULTRA: CIA Mind Control


cia_ultra“The agency admit CIA director Richard Helms destroyed almost all MK ULTRA records in 1973” !!!


“It tested psychotropic drugs and experimental torture on US citizens in order to develop mind control and interrogation techniques for use on Soviet agents and politicians!!!


In some media around here in our world have been shared some sources about new problems from US and other west doctors, saying that they can be catch almost everybody in our world and operate their brains as needed interactions, and implement some electronic interfaces. With these movement the doctors and others can control easily patients’ minds as they want. So the power still stayed in their hands. Not only the children can suffer from these, however their patients can be statemen or presidents even.



So they must be stopped and disarmed immediately to avoid more killings among such good leaders like Yasser Arafat! These powers – CIA, NSA, etc. – cannot be rightfully enough and accepted by the public, just because the news about their activities!

Revolution is a toy for West Matrix, or a real necessary right for people to be free?

So we know the organized criminals can push the power of Politics, even the top power’s ones. And the people will suffer from these acts. To freedom, the people have to be suffered more. But it is also true, it is better to be done as soon as possible must change, to prevent their lives from the state of less chance to do it and suffering without exit to good life!
The system of bad guys – and their moms – or Matrix of West (Jews) can even kill the good ones, because mad people can blinck the fact on that good ones got lately the good things and these can be reason for envyness, if so.

That is why needed to take justice relatively for all. It is not allowed here to live a simply, relatively good life, nor enough for young ladies, their children!

The good men deserve the good things, and bad men deserve bad things, relatively, no other doubts!
Although, the U.S.’ Constitution said about these almost the same, it is not observed enough by corrupted leaders and governments, the members of Matrix!

So, basically, the matrix’ system must be changed to be free on this planet or the matrix itselves to relatively good ones! Or a relative intermediate state of this can be aimed.

Actually Tesla invented the atomic energy as well?

It can be that not Oppenheimer is the father of atom energy and A-bomb. Rather NikolaTesla, a serbian physicist is that. Many referring documents say that in 1943 he was in poverty and did not want to wait to do this action against the Nazis.  (A german officer – somehow close to Tesla’s genotype, so could be a Matrix clone at that time – and his partners did an attack against Hitler with an explosion in 1943, which not ended with success).  So Tesla could sale this invention to the US, secretly behind the scenes, (and sins).

He also experimented with lightning energy from the Nature to deserve for other consumes. This electric experiment can be great with using weatherforecast or more intervention.

Allegedly an hungarian team on 4th place at the Robocup2013

It is from hungarian news service – yesterday I published a post related with a news about Valentino Rossi that just turned out as false one. So that was not my fault. So we have political problems as well, right?

I would like to put rather carefully:

An  hungarian student team have become the fourth-placed at RoboCup 2013 world championship on this weekend in Eindhoven.
This is a good news for the students and Hungary, too.  However, by the way, some bulk headeds with remote controllers probably make too many problems in our world, not only in Hungary.

One thing (about vehicles’ gear shift) is no longer a secret anymore

The one thing – can be heard from the air, as you know, on June 26, 2013 – is that the power supply by bigger torque can be more efficient in vehicles than it widely applied.
However it is widely admitted that buses or trucks have not so many horsepowers in their engines than in the other simple cars’ ones, but they can really carry more burdens.
The trick is the applying the Physics knowledge better creating bigger gear shift with implemantating bigger pinions which make bigger force with bigger torque. As it solved in an average bicycle. It’s simple, isn’t it?
Furthermore, if it uses less power so it is more efficient then it needs less gasolin and makes less dust. So it is cheaper and cleaner to use than most best vehicles! Great to know it. But most of people do not mind with this theory and it must be proven by proper practical measurements and tests, however it can be more exciting and important than a race on TV!

There were revolutions, deaths of kings, but the Heritage Laws still unchanged. However…

It is a known problem that the bad guys have enough opportunities (money, power, rights, etc) then things can go wrong be them.

It is also known that in the Feudalism, the old and succeded social system, the Emperor/King/Queen herites his/her wealth and rulings to his/her successor, but it is not so wide scaled selection of the right applicant from the big mass, and may be cheated easily, so it has to be avoided by the public. In history of the World, at the end of  Middle Age there were revolutions for changing this system to wide scaled selection with election of the right man to the top of Republic, as a stateman, for example. However…

However, not only the top man may cause problems in a system, but the other members of oligarch or the Matrix as they are can be named in our world. So if the Constitution of a – given – Republic is still has the same problem with the same Heritage Laws then the other members who have gained big amount of money, (You can add at this time: “The money is power!”), may inherit to their successors without controlling big amount of money and power, just like little kings or queens!! So bad guys can inherit money and power itself. (However, it is the biggest problems in World.)

This problem also made the last century’s “scientists” (Marx, Lenin) thinking further, but they found out theories of the Socialism and Communism and practical solution(s) of them, the revolution(s) (with blood), instead of the modification of the Heritage Laws and applied with relativity to the people. The applies of they studies in real were more cruel because there can be found also bad guys in the top power of the system of Socialism such as Stalin to take crimes on people’s rights, and cheat the common wealth to their own insiders, killing allegedly ca six millions people only, in soviet gulags, very similar to amount of the Nazis Holocaust on the Jude victims.

So as a solution to this problem, from the nation’s average wealth an accepted asset as a relative maximum is need to be decided by economy scientists, and allow to inherit this wealth to successors, without more main jurisprudence problems causings. Nevertheless, as far as I know, it is the best solution for the public without any problem and make prosperity in its future, as well!

However, this does not mean the same to that “it is not needed bloody revolutions at all in our modern states”. Relatively right decisions have to be done for these movements, almost the same way as before a war on other nation to be declared, and of course the its practical applying also have to be done, as soon as relatively possible. And the system of the nation will prosperate properly, and the bad guys will not allowed to reach the power to cause suffering to all of the nation. Only if the nation is mad and elected this way, but then they deserve their problems and sufferings more truly than in our present World have been doing.
Thanks for readings! I have to leave my console. Bye for now!