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Martin Luther believed earlier and better. (Even if he died earlier!)

I think some of his thoughts are still valid and true today. We are under control and feared from the Power of Jews worldwide. The Matrix can reach everyone with its hate who dare face with it as parasites in a body.

However, everyone can suffer somehow in this world from that, because everyone can be also viewed as its child, a new Jesus Christ. And its antichristic principal has not changed since it had killed the its innocent son. Only the suffering methods has been changed in centuries as the controlled technology evolution.

And Martin Luther already knew and teached clearly who were guilty if innocent Jesus Christ died by violence, so he died basicly from the collective vigilantism.

At this time Luther told his wife:

Martin Luther

“They are teaching me to be rude.”

– http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Luther –

(It might sound like an argue with Princess Amidala from a Star Wars game. Or a part of a Bruce Lee film drawing his philosophy of own life. But “the truth is on the other side…”)


Well, it can be supposed that this shorted his life. Not so far from his death, in some German Lutheran cities were riots against the Jews, because of believing that he did not started the fire.

And this problem has not been solved properly since then!

This will be continued…



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