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Will doctors and CIA kill all of us with their powers and radiant cancer therapies?


If you have known a bit of recent arsenals of doctors and CIA – namely: radioactive isotopes and other cancer chemotherapies – and their programs and rights to kill or just torture people, I think that it is not only paranoia to suppose that their abilities would be enough for the crime against of mankind even if slowly, as mentioned in the title of this post.

Well, probably it is a good time to think again these matters of our lives!

– A hungarian jude chemist, George de Hevesy (György Hevesy) received the 1943 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for “for his work on the use of isotopes as tracers in the study of chemical processes. With this “great” hungarian jude innovation the doctors can suffer not only the cancer patients. This just depends on orders of the power!

– In the hungarian hospital UZSOKI suicided George Kézdy who was suffered and treated of cancer (2013.02.10.)

However, it was a news about an hungarian jude actor’s death, it can be also linked to these mentioned ones, because of these facts:
– He died in the same hospital where many deaths caused national news in the last 3 years, however later the people and the police relaxed from just a managing doctor’s statement.

I also was treated in hospital Uzsoki for x-ray with a suspected hurt of my skull in 2011, before of these national tragic happenings and after I had been beaten by jude-gypsy truculents. As far as I have known this crime also was organised by KOKI, MTA – yes, an Institute of Hungarian Scientific Academy! – brain researchers and programmers, like Gabor Makara, Tamas Freud etc. Just like in the Schwarzenegger film, Total recall. This hungarian (jude) “scientific” research department dare to digest not only huge of national state budgets, but also more expansive EU financial aids to commit crimes like these. My mentioned Uzsoki x-ray images were mixed which could be prove the existance of an brain implantation which has enhanced by an programmabled interface. This equipment was implemented into my head in my 0,5-1,5 years old childhood as part of a new medical and social crimes just like Jesus Christ sufferings. This mentioned interface can be reached from the air by radiations of satelites or antennas. So these mad researchers can reach and stimulate my deep brain and control my life by their mad(ical) (hipnotic) programmes everywhere! However it is known everyone, I need help from witnesses who know more than here explained shortly and dare to witness even before a judge about the detailed facts of my case to stop them and take legal actions against their relative injustices, and even for relative compensation money!

Happiness is a Warm Electrode

SHOCK TRAUMA Diane Hire, shown here in profile and x-ray, is among the first depression patients to receive deep-brain stimulation, a procedure in which two electrodes are implanted in the head.



Can’t resist that doughnut? An electric shock to the brain ‘could stop people from binge eating’

– It is sure, if it is allowed to mad medical people they can stop even our sexualities as well just for entertainings of mad people! Why is it allowed to mad criminal doctors?! They are worse than the feared Mengele was in the WWII, however they are living among of us without any impeachment!

“Electrode implants which zap areas of the brain have mysteriously helped ease the symptoms of crippling diseases such as depression and Parkinson’s. Now brain scans could help predict who exactly might benefit from deep brain stimulation (DBS), based on seeing which interconnected regions of the brain “light up” at the same time, New Scientist reports”

– And an other news according to the hungarian doctors also were ordered to torture – perhaps even to kill – people!
– It is also true that there was many news in some years ago according to Guantanamo prison like places existed in Hungary where people can be suffered and excruciated!
– In the last 3 years died many great hungarian christian leaders and personals such as Imre Makovecz, István Csurka, Károly Vichy, Márta H. Bóna, Mihály Arnold, Jenő Ranschburg, Jenő Fónay and Gyula Horn, and many others who can not be replenished, even after the needed reform processes. About these Orbán said -against his promise – that there were no reforms.
– About the late ex-prime minister Gyula Horn also worth to mention that he wore a metal frame padded with sheep skin or a so called “crown” after had an accident and got a concussion in 1994.

– Red sludge disaster, 2010, Hungary

“Hungary’s largest ecological disaster took place on October 4, 2010 at 1:30 p.m. when the western dam of cassette X of the sludge reservoir, belonging to a privately owned company, Magyar Alumínium ZRt (Hungarian Aluminum Co), had ruptured.”
– Official Website of the Hungarian Government

In April, 2011, the late architect Imre Makovecz visited reconstruction of Devecser and Kolontar. After this national disaster – almost exactly – 1 year, he died.


The Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died from cancer (2013.03.05.)


– “Yasser Arafat’s belongings have traces of polonium-210, say Swiss scientists” (2013.10.15.)


– “CIA ordered US military doctors to design new torture methods” (2013.11.04.)


– “Belgium: Doctors to Start Telling Children to Kill Themselves



– “Project MK-ULTRA: CIA Mind Control


cia_ultra“The agency admit CIA director Richard Helms destroyed almost all MK ULTRA records in 1973” !!!


“It tested psychotropic drugs and experimental torture on US citizens in order to develop mind control and interrogation techniques for use on Soviet agents and politicians!!!


In some media around here in our world have been shared some sources about new problems from US and other west doctors, saying that they can be catch almost everybody in our world and operate their brains as needed interactions, and implement some electronic interfaces. With these movement the doctors and others can control easily patients’ minds as they want. So the power still stayed in their hands. Not only the children can suffer from these, however their patients can be statemen or presidents even.



So they must be stopped and disarmed immediately to avoid more killings among such good leaders like Yasser Arafat! These powers – CIA, NSA, etc. – cannot be rightfully enough and accepted by the public, just because the news about their activities!


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    Shock to the System
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    Shock to the System

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