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Free energy + proper feedback (expl.: Clock’s mechanics) = Perpetuum mobile?


Perpetuum Mobile or “Ever mover” can be made easily if we accept that the “ever” is just cca one or two thousand years. So a simple river driven water mill made of matters those can keep up for a long time can represent such structure.

I share here great simple solution to demonstrate how works an almost perpetuum mobile as an electric machine. Its most important parts are the permanent springs. These ones responsable for the permanency plus the electric-mechanic feedback. I hope that my drawing is understandable:

An almost perpetuum mobile

An almost perpetuum mobile

But we can power these great structures more with clock’s mechanics in bigger size that compairs to the energies of the given system. This structure or system can move easilly and economically like a mechanical watch can do. This also means as far as I know, a solution of those little-big problems of Physics. Probably Einstein’s quote “I should have become a watchmaker” was referred to this.  But it can be imagined that Chaplin’s Modern times film also referred to this. However it is very serious theme.

With this solution can make movement of the bicycle and other vehicle easier and economical, not only water mill, of course. It is easily presumable that the mechanical computers were made from this solution. And very similary to this, the almost the latest announcement of Volvo about its new flywheel motor. (60000 rpm, 25% boost to mpg, etc.)

Driving Volvo’s KERS Flywheel Hybrid Prototype: What It’s Like


Hopefully many inventions will use “timeless” these great solutions!

On the Youtube.com the people have been uploading many of interesting things in question:



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