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Which is better shape from the aspect of the Speed: the Sharks’ or the whales’?


Not only at desingings of Jet fighters and Rockets are important to observe the fundamental laws of Physics and Aerodynamics (and Hydrodynamics). But at submarines’, buses’, trucks’, trains’, trams’, airplanes’ designings. However, it is not really seems nowadays,  the EU wants to change now at trucks’  as you can read in my BLOG:


Nevertheless, some passenger planes have been modifed finally as probably you know from the news.

This basic selection is based on the Kinetic energy theory and its Mathematical backgrounds. In classical mechanics, the kinetic energy of a non-rotating object of mass m traveling at a speed v is ½ mv². (Source: Wikipedia). And if we want to approximate the energy at a high speed than mass m will not count, however the speed will be basicly quadratic. And the graphical solution of the quadratic term is a hyperbola. The hyperbola is one of the four kinds of conic section, formed by the intersection of a plane and a coneSo, at the highest speed result is a triangle. And this shape is used by, for example, sharks in nature to fight against to water resistance, too.

However, sharks’ shape should not be used as a template for airplanes and Jetfighters often, because it is a fish, and water has other physical parameteres than air. This problem can be more noticeable, for example at the USA made Lockheed F-104 Starfighter jet where designers added smaller surface wings. So the jet eventually earned a reputation as a “Widowmaker”.

Here it is read: http://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/detail.asp?aircraft_id=113

As this turned out only the Germans could use this jet type, and after neither them did it. (“It is a gift with love from the USA.” as generally used to say in James Bond style of its Thatcher era.)

As I can suppose, not just this type of airplanes has this problem.

It can be also big issue  the planes’ weakness. As shown bellow, a picture of a news, just a bird can cause a big hurt in these vehicles. Regardless that bird wanted to be a pilot killer or not, I think it is quite dangerous to fly with these machines, not saying about their falling.

Seeing the picture, several ducks could fly over this aircraft?!

Back to the mathematical solution, the triangle shape can be applied at designings of tyres as well as to their profiles and their grips. I have made a simple figure to demostrate the proper profiles as I imagined. It is sure, for the sake of best solution, it is needed to take more counts, simulations and tests. So, the figure can be seemed bellow:


Notwithstanding the provisions of some top races, the slowings must be realized by the brakes mostly, not by tyres. So brake discs sould be created such like clutch discs to be more roughened. It is more efficient when the two roughened surfaces involve in the friction, not the only one of them. However, it has been also ignored yet, by competents.

By the way, the profile of the above mentioned tyres can influence other important industrial sectors, such as building construction, and bus, plane, and train chasies designings. Some carmakers according to the recent news now

And weak tyres can be better at high speeds as at racing bicycle’s.  Although it has been also forgotten by top competents, yet.


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