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There were revolutions, deaths of kings, but the Heritage Laws still unchanged. However…


It is a known problem that the bad guys have enough opportunities (money, power, rights, etc) then things can go wrong be them.

It is also known that in the Feudalism, the old and succeded social system, the Emperor/King/Queen herites his/her wealth and rulings to his/her successor, but it is not so wide scaled selection of the right applicant from the big mass, and may be cheated easily, so it has to be avoided by the public. In history of the World, at the end of  Middle Age there were revolutions for changing this system to wide scaled selection with election of the right man to the top of Republic, as a stateman, for example. However…

However, not only the top man may cause problems in a system, but the other members of oligarch or the Matrix as they are can be named in our world. So if the Constitution of a – given – Republic is still has the same problem with the same Heritage Laws then the other members who have gained big amount of money, (You can add at this time: “The money is power!”), may inherit to their successors without controlling big amount of money and power, just like little kings or queens!! So bad guys can inherit money and power itself. (However, it is the biggest problems in World.)

This problem also made the last century’s “scientists” (Marx, Lenin) thinking further, but they found out theories of the Socialism and Communism and practical solution(s) of them, the revolution(s) (with blood), instead of the modification of the Heritage Laws and applied with relativity to the people. The applies of they studies in real were more cruel because there can be found also bad guys in the top power of the system of Socialism such as Stalin to take crimes on people’s rights, and cheat the common wealth to their own insiders, killing allegedly ca six millions people only, in soviet gulags, very similar to amount of the Nazis Holocaust on the Jude victims.

So as a solution to this problem, from the nation’s average wealth an accepted asset as a relative maximum is need to be decided by economy scientists, and allow to inherit this wealth to successors, without more main jurisprudence problems causings. Nevertheless, as far as I know, it is the best solution for the public without any problem and make prosperity in its future, as well!

However, this does not mean the same to that “it is not needed bloody revolutions at all in our modern states”. Relatively right decisions have to be done for these movements, almost the same way as before a war on other nation to be declared, and of course the its practical applying also have to be done, as soon as relatively possible. And the system of the nation will prosperate properly, and the bad guys will not allowed to reach the power to cause suffering to all of the nation. Only if the nation is mad and elected this way, but then they deserve their problems and sufferings more truly than in our present World have been doing.
Thanks for readings! I have to leave my console. Bye for now!


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