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The old Trabant can be better than a new most advanced car?


The Trabant is an old, former East German car brand from Zwickau, Saxony.
According to the Wikipedia:

“In 2008, Time magazine rated the Trabant as one of the 50 worst cars ever made.”

“and it is said that it might symbolize of the sickness of the former East Germany’s system.”

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trabant

However, the Trabant 601 still has advantages to our recently most advanced cars, namely it had use
two-stroke engine. I think that “the specialists” confuse advantages of four-stroke engine with flywheel engine’s and therefore they do not see the two-stroke engine’s as better. And Trabant had bearings and needle bearings for piston pins
, according to this site:


The needle bearings can reduce the friction much better than the oil only. Nevertheless, they rearly provided to engines this good piece part.
The Wikipedia also mentioned that

“In the West, much has been written about the Trabant, mostly negative: to comedic effect, emphasis was placed on the shortcomings of the Trabantt”

however the problem of the Communism still is in our world, after its fall. The HONDA S600 had needle bearings, in 1964. However, it is forgotten somehow. Although, with these technologies HONDA won the first F1 race as it was written in the following quotation:

Made of aluminum, it features roller-chain-driven dual overhead cams, hemispherical cross-flow heads, four Keihin side-draft carbs, and a built-up crankshaft that uses seven caged, needle-roller bearings for the mains and connecting-rod big-ends. This setup enables a 9500-rpm redline and can safely spin to above 11,000 revs! (If this sounds like Formula 1 technology, remember that Honda entered F1 racing in 1963, developing a unique 1.5-liter V-12 engine and chassis that won its first race in 1965.)


Read more: http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/classic/112_0708_1965_honda_s600/viewall.html#ixzz2iMsUvaOy

According to recent news, so Honda was asked to produce motor to Mclaren after Mercedes motor usage driving its racing cars.


It is strange a little bit.

This means the recent West system’s sickness to the former East Germany’s! The causes of these failures and sins can be searched among the Matrix and its leaderships.

At this point, I would like to recommend some relevant ones of my blog posts:

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And Ferrari and Toyota do not produce engines like Trabant’s from these aspects, although the first earned the world’s most powerful brand in this year, the next brand is the largest car maker in the world in 2013, again. Source:





And McLaren Formula 1 Racing Team use Mercedes engines to their cars, according to this page:


If the bests have the same problem then not them can be blamed actually for the faults. The faults’ origin can be find in our system of the value exchangement or market. We can say that the other areas have similar problems nowadays as well. The bad workers cheat the things and have got share as payment, and good guys have got the punishment if they talk back about it without bad guys’ permission. However, of course good workers deserve the money and cheaters deserve punishments. In history, the Soviets could try make justice in this theme, under the system of “Socialism”.

According to Edward Teller, the father of Hydrogen bomb:

“the Capitalism is not good, but there is no better”.

He is dead, now, but I think it can be supposed he would have changed his mind if he would live now.

We hope that the EU try to change these problems after all, and the next link shows one of these willings probably:


However, this problems are not only in the carmaker industry of the EU! Those problems are in our world political and legal systems’!

So revolutions must be started right now!



  1. proztec says:

    After this post was firstly published – on 29th May-, a new McLaren related news was published around the net. According to it:

    McLaren P1 Needs a Push After Breaking Down at Concorso d’Eleganza

    You’d think about it is funny or something else, however it is a quite bad news who has 1.5 million dollars for buying this type and does not want to push after breaking down at a great car show such as the Italian “Concorso d’Eleganza” where allegedly the its engineers had to push onto a trailer after the happening.
    To read the story not in my own words, here it is a source – for instance – from the CARSCOOP’s website:

    And another news was published on 21st May 2013 onto the world wide web about the another type of brand according to:

    McLaren MP4 can be suddenly exploded into the flames.

    The price of this type: 200 000 pounds, recently.
    Here is the source or photo from the wreck: http://www.worldcarfans.com/413052157871/mclaren-mp4-12-bursts-into-flames#0

    Well, the old and east german Trabant could go into flames almost the same, but, man, it’s cheaper much more!!!

  2. proztec says:

    Well, a good news has been available about the new electric sportcar, the Mercedes SLS ED achieved a new lap record, from also german, Audi R8 e-tron.
    Source: http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2013/6/7/SLS-Smashes-Nurburging-EV-Record-7714710/

    Mercedes SLS Electric Drive

    As far as I know this electric sportcar has 4 electric motors in their wheels. So its engineerings can be very futuristic! And such good electric motors can apply to Ultra Light Airplanes, and other similar vehicles!
    It is pity that people are dealing with anarchist movie makings and etc, not with these interesting and excited things! However, we the normals can hope that it may be changed not in the far future.

    • proztec says:

      Not only the Mercedes Benz marque produces great cars from Germany, but also – for example – the BMW group does. It makes the new 7 series like production-ready car where its engine can use hydrogene to power:

      “The BMW Hydrogen 7 is the world’s first production-ready hydrogen vehicle. It’s already proving itself in the real world too: we’re putting 100 of them to the test as loan cars for leading figures from the worlds of culture, politics, business and the media, including Oscar-winning film director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck and Erich Sixt, chairman of rental car company Sixt AG.
      Real-world experience shows that switching to hydrogen can go hand in hand with the comfort, dynamics and safety you’d expect from a BMW.”

      – Wikicars.org –

      Also the BMW group subsidiary brand’s Rolls Royce makes this great Phantom:

      Rolls Royce Phantom

  3. proztec says:

    A sad news shocking me about the sudden demise of the father of Trabant on June 18, 2013 – on my 46th birthday -:

    dr. Werner Lang, the creator of Trabant 601, died at 91.

    source: http://www.spiegel.de/auto/aktuell/trabi-chefentwickler-werner-lang-ist-tot-a-906440.html

    Dr. Werner Lang, the creator of Trabant 601

    I would like to extend my sincerest condolences. This is a great loss to us. It is a great loss to our community.
    May the Lord rest his soul in peace!

  4. proztec says:

    But “one of the best Italian things” available on the market is the Ferrari (California).

    Here is the latest one (2013) of this type:

    Ferrari California 2013

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