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Some geniuses were/are NOT geniuses. And some NOT geniuses were/are geniuses…


Some geniuses were/are NOT geniuses. And some NOT geniuses were/not geniuses…

(Thanks to mad and terrorist Judes’ antichrist system of West Matrix from the Planet of apes! You know…)

According to news from the net around, some present scientists could faces to “elders” and other living matrix apes to arrange sciences themselves.

For example, here bellow you can read about Einstein’s theory of relativity or its faults. But the whole story mentioned above has begun more than 2000 years ago by the Judes. Therefore earlier than Leonardo da Vinci did his cheating artificial and scientific works, however some of them could really work. So they made toys from real geniuses’ works and actually all other real living creatures’ lives in this world. You can see for example Brandon Lee after all as a little puppet. It is our whole world’s most important issue that causes our tragidies as well, and not only the Lees’. And “the Matrix” does not want to give up with its aggressive policies to change good things to bad things as parasites do, according to recent newses from the Politics of the World.

So we have to fight against these cheaters and public enemies RELATIVELY legally to stop their antichrist policies right now! It is better than their policies’ niveau, you know…

(Some joking guys mentioned somewhat from a news about Paul had gone to North Pole to want to stop people’s madness with killing a baby seal by a shovel… And Tom saw somewhat big trouble in lost and destructed world in his last movie. And David died after these wars. And Tony jumped to the sea. And Lance admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs. Perhaps I have not written this in a proper chronological order.)

But finally let us see the Physics mentioned above, not ignoring their mathematical and also political backgrounds! Because they really count, too.

Well, the theory of Mechanics by primarily Sir Isaac Newton did not supersed by Einstein’s. Because the Galilean transformations are rights, and this cannot said about the Lorentz’s. But these ones opened mathematical gates to cheating further the Physics to Einstein and his colleagues. They made in those times when the West could defend these cheats with its power just like other tales by Oz or Cipolla. However we are worse situations than those were. So the followings are not true things such as the Time dilation and Mass–energy equivalence, whiches are allegedly Einstein’s “surprising” consequencies.

But! One thing is true very much about these things: The mankind can step forward on this global problem with the agreement of relativity. Let us see it!


Einstein’s fundamental theory of Physics about Relativity proven wrong

“According to scientist can move faster than the speed of light and Albert Einsteins 1905 theory of relativity which is one of the most fundamental pillars of physics and his conclusion that nothing can travel faster than light could be proven wrong.”


But the comments of the people to this news is also recommended to read.
(As far as I translated well, it is seemed the people who commented this news could know more about these fundamental physics theories than many academic researchers in well paid offices!)

Another great comment from the editors of The Register website, from November 18 (2011):

“Neutrinos still FASTER THAN LIGHT in second test
Take that, Einstein”

This elder news, from October 31 (2011), can be read at the ZME Science website:

“CERN to re-do the neutrino speed test

In the aftermath of Septembers highly controversial announcement, that a particle with a speed larger than that of the light was recorded, CERN has announced that it has been re-running the experiment, in order to test the validity of the first.”




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